#GoChongi Vol.2 Launching end of June

We have come a long way since the first #GoChongi Indiegogo campaign and we are excited for the upcoming Vol.2 launch in the end of June.

Last week was very intense for our team. We took part in Kapana Fest (a great festival in the heart of Plovdiv) and filmed the rest of the video footage for the campaign.

The action started with bringing back to life our old hippie van which plays a central role in this year’s campaign. Once we cleaned the ton of dust and dirt from it, we parked the van on a busy street in Kapana during the festival and carried out probably our most successful initiative so far – “The van of the dreams and crazy ideas”.


Random pedestrians who were enjoying Kapana Fest’s awesome spirit and energy were invited to step inside the van for a moment and dream about the crazy ideas they want to achieve in life. Carried away by the chilled music and warm energy of our van they wrote their dream on a piece of paper. After the end of the festival our job was to send each participants a list of all the dreams and crazy ideas that were shared during the event so that people would:

  1. See what others are dreaming about.
  2. Help each other in any way they can towards achieving those dreams.

It was an awesome experience for me and Disaster Magi to meet all the awesome people who took part in our project and to observe them visualize their goals and share them with each other.

On Sunday, we took the van straight from Kapana to the Rhodope mountains and filmed the remaining footage of the Indieogogo video. Logistics wise the endeavor was quite challenging. However, in the end we managed to shoot what we were aiming for and had a lot of fun doing so. The five of us slept in an old funky house in Bezvodno – a small village next to Borovitza dam. We woke up at 3:30 a.m. to catch the sunrise in an epic location nearby called Biuk tepe.

Then we finished the day on Dzendem Tepe in Plovdiv – one of the five remaining hills in the city.

I will leave the rest as a surprise. We are working hard and are extremely excited. We plan to launch the #GoChongi Vol.2 Indiegogo campaign in the end of June. Fingers crossed! Here’s a short video from Campa Records – a studio in the small town Rakovski, close to Plovdiv, where we recorded the Indiegogo theme song.


Of course, I’m also getting back in top physical shape after last season’s injury. It’s a slow process but I’ll get there!


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Peace, love and good vibes from me and the rest of the team…

Have a good one,