#GoChongi Vol.2 is Live on Indiegogo – Support and Share!

Hey everyone,

We are LIVE on Indiegogo! The #GoChongi team hopes that our campaign will leave you satisfied and eager to join the family.

Chongi B Goode (cover of Chuck Berry’s classic)


“My ski cross journey started about an year ago
I supported my first season on Indiegogo
Many people helped me out along the way
I achieved my goal but not without sacrifices
For a moment there I lost my cool but I said screw it
A little girl told me “Go Chongi you can do it!”

Guys your support in the first 1-2 days of the campaign can make a huge difference! If we reach 30 percent of the $15,000 goal by Sunday, we can get featured in the Indiegogo newsletter! This would bring our campaign to the attention of thousands of people.


“Next season racing on the world cup
I’ll be scoring points to get me into the Olympic squad
I held the flag in Sochi 2014
Now I’ll make my country proud in a new discipline
It all started as just another crazy idea
but I’m sure I’ll see ya on the slopes of South Korea”

When I look back at the time I started working on the first campaign, I remember not knowing a thing about both crowdfunding and ski cross. It is so exciting and emotional to start something alone from scratch and then suddenly see myself being surrounded by all those awesome people in Team #GoChongi. And it’s not only about getting to the Olympics that inspires people but it’s the road that we have to walk/run/drive/swim/crawl together to get to South Korea. I guess that’s why our hippy van plays such a central role in the new video. It could collapse at any given moment, but what it lacks in security it makes up with a strong spirit and warm energy.

Thank you everyone! Thank you, but I’m not going to get sentimental yet! There is still a lot of work to be done – this is only the beginning.

Here is the link to the campaign once again. If you enjoy what we do and want to become part of our quest you are more than welcome to choose from the sweet presents we are offering in return for you sponsorship and join the #GoChongi family!


We are counting on you!

Chongi, Maggie, Vladi, Didi, Kamen, Niki and of course the Smokers