#GoChongi – Getting in top shape and moving forward

Hi everyone!

I’m in Passo Stelvio, Italy, at the moment. The second ski camp is underway and I’m definitely starting to feel the improvement!

I’m sorry that I have not posted an update since the Indiegogo campaign ended in August. I couldn’t wait to finally take a break from all the sponsorship hustle and concentrate on getting in top shape. Throughout the past couple of months I have been training hard and did my best to document my improvement so you guys can see how I’m spending the money I received from your donations.

*Quick note* the presents I promised in return for your Indiegogo sponsorship are currently being produced and I plan to send them all in the beginning of December as one whole bunch. Have some patience please… you will soon get awesome Christmas treats!

What happened since August?

I had an amazing two week physical preparation camp in Belmeken in collaboration with MAXFIT Functional. I got in top shape, worked hard and had a blast. Check out one of the videos from the camp. You can watch the rest on my Youtube channel.


Then in September I went to Saas Fee and joined the Bulgarian alpine ski team for my first snow camp…




As I said, now I’m in Passo Stelvio continuing the ski training and so far it’s going great! I will soon upload further videos documenting my progress. You can follow everything that’s going on around Team #GoChongi on my Facebook and Instagram channels, where I post regular updates.

That’s it for now. I’m going to get some dinner and restore the nutrition balance. I believe that all the hard work will pay off and you will watch me at the Olympics in February! Warm thanks once again for supporting me and keeping your fingers crossed!