#GoChongi Vol.2 Indiegogo Progress after 25 Days


Hey everyone, There are 12 days left to the end of the Indiegogo campaign and here’s how the numbers look like so far. For 25 days: – we have raised $3,526 (24%) from 64 supporters. – there have been 13,243 total visits to the #GoChongi Vol.2 Indiegogo page. As far as the visits go this number is already more than three times the amount of visits compared to last year’s campaign. […]

#GoChongi Vol.2 progress and video shoutouts

Hey guys, #GoChongi Vol.2 is almost halfway through. Me and Disaster Maggie have been kitesurfing, travelling and working remotely from the black sea shores. The physical training is going pretty good so far and the spirit is at high levels. It’s time for the first series of video shoutouts to people who have supported the campaign and requested the perk ‘Video shout-out from a peculiar location. In the first video we […]

#GoChongi Vol.2 is Live on Indiegogo – Support and Share!

Hey everyone, We are LIVE on Indiegogo! The #GoChongi team hopes that our campaign will leave you satisfied and eager to join the family. Chongi B Goode (cover of Chuck Berry’s classic) VERSE 1: “My ski cross journey started about an year ago I supported my first season on Indiegogo Many people helped me out along the way I achieved my goal but not without sacrifices For a moment there I […]

#GoChongi Vol.2 Coming Soon on Indiegogo – Need your help!

Hey everyone, #GoChongi Vol.2 is coming soon on Indiegogo and we are super excited. My quest towards being the first Bulgarian to race the Olympic ski cross started as just another crazy idea. However, getting to the Olympics in February doesn’t seem so unrealistic anymore. Thus the moto of the upcoming campaign: “When crazy becomes real” My first Ski Cross season – 2016/2017 – started without preparation, financing or a […]

First Ski Cross Season is over!

“Good day to you all. I’m pretty high at the moment. I mean high in the air… flying to Malaga for the world freestyle championships in Sierra Nevada. I’m also in the soberest state I have been since the first time I tried beer behind my elementary school with my classmate Rumen. I don’t do alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, nicotine, meat, fried food. I eat as healthy as I can and […]

Follow your gut and…

What makes a crazy idea worth pursuing? How do you perform at your best when you are against the odds?  I can’t really give you solid answers to these questions but I can show you how I raised €7656 on Indiegogo and how I intend to qualify for the 2018 Olympics in a discipline I have no experience in. This April I decided to make a comeback to professional skiing. […]