#GoChongi Vol.2 Launching end of June

We have come a long way since the first #GoChongi Indiegogo campaign and we are excited for the upcoming Vol.2 launch in the end of June. Last week was very intense for our team. We took part in Kapana Fest (a great festival in the heart of Plovdiv) and filmed the rest of the video footage for the campaign. The action started with bringing back to life our old hippie […]

#GoChongi Vol.2 Coming Soon on Indiegogo – Need your help!

Hey everyone, #GoChongi Vol.2 is coming soon on Indiegogo and we are super excited. My quest towards being the first Bulgarian to race the Olympic ski cross started as just another crazy idea. However, getting to the Olympics in February doesn’t seem so unrealistic anymore. Thus the moto of the upcoming campaign: “When crazy becomes real” My first Ski Cross season – 2016/2017 – started without preparation, financing or a […]

First Ski Cross Season is over!

“Good day to you all. I’m pretty high at the moment. I mean high in the air… flying to Malaga for the world freestyle championships in Sierra Nevada. I’m also in the soberest state I have been since the first time I tried beer behind my elementary school with my classmate Rumen. I don’t do alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, nicotine, meat, fried food. I eat as healthy as I can and […]

Follow your gut and…

What makes a crazy idea worth pursuing? How do you perform at your best when you are against the odds?  I can’t really give you solid answers to these questions but I can show you how I raised €7656 on Indiegogo and how I intend to qualify for the 2018 Olympics in a discipline I have no experience in. This April I decided to make a comeback to professional skiing. […]

Everything I hoped for

Guys, I’m extremely, extremely grateful to everyone who supported my campaign! You don’t realize how cool you are! I woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning just to tell you that. When I started preparing for this campaign six months ago I had no idea what to expect. And many people were pretty skeptical about the whole idea to receive money from strangers. Especially in Bulgaria, where the crowdfunding […]

2 days left to the Indiegogo campaign launch

Hey guys, How is everyone doing? I’m doing fine thank you. I’m actually extremely excited about the launch of my first ever crowdfunding campaign.     After six months of preparation this Friday morning Team #GoChongi’s Indiegogo page will go live and only god knows what will happen. Honestly, I have a good feeling about the whole thing. Everything is sort of coming into place. We had a great first […]