#GoChongi Vol.3

Hey kids, How are you? We have come a long way since the beginning of #GoChongi. Plenty has happened. At the moment I’m watching the first videos I made with the “I support a crazy idea” motto and I got inspired to write a couple of paragraphs. I’m pretty confident the last 2 years were one of the best in my life. Only the teenage days can compete but those were different […]

The end of #GoChongi Vol.2 and the beginning of a new chapter

Well… what can I say, I could not achieve my goal! I didn’t qualify for the 2018 Olympic Games. The ski cross race is tomorrow (21.02.2018) and instead of competing I’ll be commentating live on national TV. During the last couple of years I put almost everything else in my life on hold and focused only on one thing – to become the first Bulgarian to represent my country in […]

#GoChongi – Getting in top shape and moving forward

Hi everyone! I’m in Passo Stelvio, Italy, at the moment. The second ski camp is underway and I’m definitely starting to feel the improvement! I’m sorry that I have not posted an update since the Indiegogo campaign ended in August. I couldn’t wait to finally take a break from all the sponsorship hustle and concentrate on getting in top shape. Throughout the past couple of months I have been training […]

#GoChongi Vol.2 Indiegogo Progress after 25 Days


Hey everyone, There are 12 days left to the end of the Indiegogo campaign and here’s how the numbers look like so far. For 25 days: – we have raised $3,526 (24%) from 64 supporters. – there have been 13,243 total visits to the #GoChongi Vol.2 Indiegogo page. As far as the visits go this number is already more than three times the amount of visits compared to last year’s campaign. […]

Fundraising mode – Full on!

Hey everyone, We have passed $2000! Thanks so much for the support – you are awesome! We have been working hard on spreading the word about the campaign and reaching out to as many people as possible. Meanwhile, I keep working hard on my physical form. This year I’m determined to get into top shape before the preparation on snow begins. Stay tuned for more info about our progress. We’ll organize some events to […]

#GoChongi Vol.2 is Live on Indiegogo – Support and Share!

Hey everyone, We are LIVE on Indiegogo! The #GoChongi team hopes that our campaign will leave you satisfied and eager to join the family. Chongi B Goode (cover of Chuck Berry’s classic) VERSE 1: “My ski cross journey started about an year ago I supported my first season on Indiegogo Many people helped me out along the way I achieved my goal but not without sacrifices For a moment there I […]